October 15
Jesus Speaks

October 15

"Woman, ... why are you crying? Who is it you are looking for?" ~ John 20:15

On the morning of My resurrection while it was still dark, I first appeared to Mary Magdalene, who was weeping. She thought someone had taken My body. In the darkness she didn't recognize Me through her tears. But when I spoke her name, she realized who I was. I was alive! I told her to let My disciples know, but they didn't believe her. They missed an opportunity to glorify the Father with faith. Instead, they remained grieving in their unbelief. Child, how often do you remain in unbelief, grieving in the midst of trials? How often to you act as if I'm still dead? Seek Me. I am alive and I am with you. Unbelief renders you fruitless, and My Father and I was you to bear much fruit. From the moment Mary believed I was alive, she listened to My words and obeyed them. I was you to do the same. Hear My words and obey them. In them your unbelief will be replaced by faith, and your fears and sorrows will be replaced by courage and joy! Hear My voice now, and follow Me.

"The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent." ~ John 6:29

"Jesus Speaks" a daily devotional by Steven J. Scott

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