I love my Church because we have a real down to earth Pastor.  If you have a problem he is always there for you to talk to and if be find the help you need.  My Pastor will say he made a mistake, if he did when he is speaking , that take a real man to admit.


My Church family are there to pray for you when you need it, and they will come out to your home, to help you when your injured and can't care for yourself.  We share the love of Jesus together in our homes as well as in Church . We even have Barn dances together.


We have all different speakers come to talk about missions and how we can help other that need to hear the Good News that Jesus lives and that he Loves us.  We have great programs for our youth like Mud Volleyball to help teach them Team work.  I like the fact that we have VBS for our younger kids to learn, and have fun in song and games for a week in July every year.  My Church is a place you can learn to love Jesus and your neighbors.  May the love and friendship always be a part of my Church.


We attended the first service in 1988, and felt immediately welcome.   Our boys were approaching their teens and teaching for them was essential to us.  GSCC has always valued pasturing youth and our boys benefitted greatly.  We don’t see that that has changed.   The local youth continue to enjoy the teaching they receive in youth groups.

As adults, we have benefitted greatly by the friendships and love shown by so many.   This is a praying congregation.  The Sunday highlight is the sermon.  We receive sound teaching.

You will feel welcome on your very first visit.

Jim & Jan, GSCC Members

It has been nearly 9 years since we first attended GSCC. On our first Sunday we were greeted with smiling and friendly faces and we were made to feel right at home as part of the family. We have enjoyed our times of worship and service. There is a song my brother used to sing that says there's a warm family feeling in the presence in the Lord and you can feel His presence here. Come out and see for yourself and we would love to have you.

Larry & Bev, GSCC Members

There are a lot of things to love about Gentle Shepherd. What comes to my mind first is the weekly Bible study with Pastor Adam. We study directly from the Bible and Adam provides us with notes and questions each week. The group is small; the atmosphere is casual and congenial. We all freely participate, asking questions and making comments.

I think Pastor Adam began the study about 6 years ago. Our first study was the book of Romans, followed by Acts (which took 3 years to complete!). For the past 2 years we have been studying Revelation, completing it in early June -- the occasion marked with a spread of decadent treats, as well as a Diploma for each participant! This series was a challenge – I can’t say it was a study I always enjoyed, but it has imprinted on me the responsibility I have to pray for family members and friends who have not yet committed to Christ.

Carol, GSCC Member