When Do You Choose to Stop Believing?

Jesus Speaks
May 18

May 18

"Do not be afraid; only believe." ~ Mark 5:36, NKJV

Jairus had come to Me when his daughter was terribly sick though still alive. He had seen Me heal others and believed I could do the same for his little girl. He was desperate, but He believed. But before we could even start toward his house, his friends arrived to announce that his daughter had died. All hope of healing her was gone - she was dead. But I told him, "Do not be afraid; only believe." Can you imagine how hard that must have been? He chose to ignore the advice of his friends and to believe My words. When we arrived at his home, his faith was tested again. Friends and family members were weeping and wailing in grief. They offered no hope, no encouragement - only unbelief. I told Jairus to move everyone outside, and once again he acted in faith on My word. I brought his daughter back to life, and the lives of his family members were forever changed. All because Jairus didn't stop believing Me. He acted on every word I gave him. Child, faith can be expressed only one moment and one step at a time. Like Jairus, keep listening to My words. It is never time to stop believing. Believe and obey My words, and you, too, will be forever changed.

"Stop doubting and believe." ~ John 20:27

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