A request was put forth from the Flesherton and Community Food Bank for cardboard boxes, in order for the volunteers to prepack food boxes for families in need. Tuesday, April 7th was the day indicated to receive any donations. The response was OVERWHELMING. God ALWAYS provides, and yet we continue to be surprised.

The Food Bank coordinators and volunteers would like to thank everyone who was able to donate these boxes, passed along the request and prayed; whatever you did to contribute, the Food Bank thanks you. The need was great and the need was filled beyond any expectations.

The picture below illustrates how many boxes came into the food bank within the first 10 minutes of opening to receive them. By the end, they had received over 2x this amount. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to each and everyone.

Be SAFE and HUG who you CAN

April 7th 2020 - THANK YOU
Food Bank Need of Cardboard Boxes is Met

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