Are you alone this Christmas? Are you unable to cook a Christmas Dinner? Covid has impacted so many over 2020; restrictions are preventing families from being together or including those who might normally be welcomed.

Angels have been sent to make sure you don't miss out completely. A free Christmas dinner is being offered by a few community angels who are willing to prepare and deliver each meal to those who ask.

Please see the flyer below for details. All necessary precautions will be taken under the supervision of the Ministry of Health so you do not need to fear contracting this virus.

Please contact either Gail (519.375.0316) or Judy (519.986.7442) before the 23rd of December to reserve your own turkey dinner.

THANK You to the community members who have identified a need and are now delivering on it. MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!!!

FREE Christmas Dinner
Call before the 23rd of December

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