• My Hour Has Come

    My Hour Has Come

    Palm Sunday Message 2018

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  • Scandalon


    Scandalon is a Greek word that means – “to cause to stumble” – or it can also mean “what causes offense”.

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  • …it was not you who sent me here, but God!

    …it was not you who sent me here, but God!

    Sometimes forgiveness is hard yes, sometimes it seems impossible with man – but not with God.

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  • Through famine back to family…but God!

    Through famine back to family…but God!

    God works redemptively at the point of our real guilt and shame. Why? To heal it! And forgive it and remove it!

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  • We Are Family

    We Are Family

    Message by Pastor Paul Lucas

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  • Fruitful in Suffering…but God!

    Fruitful in Suffering…but God!

    Obedience to God does not eliminate suffering.

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  • Forgotten….But God!

    Forgotten….But God!

    Have you ever been forgotten? Or maybe you were not forgotten but you felt forgotten? Glanced over? Left out?

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  • Righteous and Persecuted…but God!

    Righteous and Persecuted…but God!

    Joseph – persecuted because of righteousness!

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  • Family Brokenness….but God!

    Family Brokenness….but God!

    The Bible doesn’t cover up brokenness – it reveals it - and that God’s grace is sufficient in our brokenness.

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