• Once for all!

    Once for all!

    A guilty conscience is a God-given trigger so that we would turn to God for grace and forgiveness.

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  • Ekklesia “Hot Church”

    Ekklesia “Hot Church”

    We are the church scattered and gathered; the church networked, and gifted.

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  • Ekklesia Incarnate

    Ekklesia Incarnate

    We want to be a church who gets Jesus right.

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  • Ekklesia: We are the Church

    Ekklesia: We are the Church

    Meaning of Ekklesia in a Christian sense is “an assembly” of “called-out ones.” Church is not a building or a business but people.

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  • Just for Thomas

    Just for Thomas

    Thomas is a passionate man! An evidentialist. He wants personal and concrete evidence that Jesus was alive.

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  • He is Risen (and that’s no joke)

    He is Risen (and that’s no joke)

    Why is the Christian Church’s Easter greeting so confident?

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  • My Hour Has Come

    My Hour Has Come

    Palm Sunday Message 2018

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  • Scandalon


    Scandalon is a Greek word that means – “to cause to stumble” – or it can also mean “what causes offense”.

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