30 in 30 Anniversary – Emphasis for October

The celebration emphasis for the month of October is for "individuals and families to take a Christ believer out for coffee and fellowship".  Other activities to look forward to are:

  1. October 6th @ 5pm Thanksgiving Day Dinner  and Concert @ Cedarside Campus - it was a fantastic dinner and time of reflection while listening to the melodic tones of the Gospel Rock Group "FREED".  Thank you to each one who made this evening wonderful; especially to the hard working ladies and gentlemen who cooked for us, served us and cleaned up after us.  Thank you!
  2. October 26th @ 6pm Harvest Home Supper - it is a pot-blessing dinner.  Everyone is welcome and we encourage all to bring their favourite dish (if you can and if not come any way), appetite and desire to fellowship.  We look forward to seeing you!
  3. October 31st evening @ Cedarside Campus in Flesherton - "Light the Night Street Party".  Looking for a different way to enjoy the evening of the 31st of October?  Join us at Cedarside for a unique celebration.  Come one Come all!!

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