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Flesherton Community Food Bank

Every other week, the Flesherton Community Food Bank is open to assist those who otherwise may not receive help. We are open Tuesday, March 12th and 26th at 10am.
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March 2019 Events Calendar

For an overview of upcoming events at Gentle Spepherd, download our March Calendar. Everyone is welcome to join us - Men and Women's Breakfasts; Bible Study; Home Group Discussions; food, fellowship and fun, etc. ... March 2019Download
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Flesherton and Community Food Bank Brochure

For information on the Flesherton and Community Food Bank, please click brochure_foodbank2018  You will find contact information in order to donate money and/or food products; find assistance; and for any other information you may need.  Do not hesitate to contact us.  Blessings to all.  
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